Chicago Clock Company - Family Owned and Operated since 1917

In April of 1917, Conrad Utecht, an enterprising young German, decided to bring an old world profession to America.  In search of grasping the 'American Dream', he started selling clock repair door-to-door.  Utecht's charming 'peddling' manner, with his competency in clock repair, guided him in building a successful repair shop out of his home.  Eventually, after working diligently on gaining clientele and growing his business, he decided to open a small shop in downtown Chicago on Wells Street.

As the years passed, Mr. Utecht married and became the parent of his daughter Caroline.  In 1936, Caroline became engaged to a young Germann baker, Ludwig Matthiesen.  Extraordinarily, Mr. Utecht and Ludwig got along so well that Mr. Utecht started teaching Ludwig all he knew about the clock repair business.  They eventually joined forces after Ludwig was an apprentice for several years.

Caroline and Ludwig became proud parents of Andrew, their first born son.  Andrew developed an avid curiosity about clocks while growing up during the time he spent with Grandpa.  The mystery of clocks had its hold on Andy.

When Andy was twenty, he entered into the business by opening a retail store to pursue this side of the business.  Chicago Clock Company moved from the Wells Street location to 22 W. Madison in downtown Chicago.

Andy's brother, Louie, showed an interest in the family business and came on board at the age of 20.  Louie is currently the Service Manager for Chicago Clock Company.

Over the next forty years, Chicago Clock Company has grown; opening several stores throughout the Chicagoland area.  And, with the help of a long term caring and competent workforce, they have become Chicagoland's oldest, largest and most comprehensive clock company in the Chicagoland area.

Today, Andy's son Jason serves as President of Chicago Clock Company.  Jason joined the family business in 1992 after graduating college.  Hence proudly making Chicago Clock Company a fourth generation family-owned business.

The Matthiesen family is proud of their accomplishments over the last 100 years.  As they look back over the 100 years and how their business began, they believe that their dreams will guide them to continually receive support from their clientele, which will strengthen their business for many years to come.